Everything is interconnected.  No I’m not going to start singing “The Circle of Life”.  That movie makes me a bit crazy.  However being a human being in a body means that you are connected to everything around you.  The plants in your house create part of the oxygen you breath.  Your local area produces the water you bathe in, wash your clothes in, so your skin is engulfed by it.   The food you eat, coming from all over the globe, informs how you will feel today and who you are.

But these are things you already know.  And these days we’re bombarded with messages about recycling, living green, eating local because its now become a marketing point as well as a choice in how to live consciously.  Which should feel empowering, but most of the time it doesn’t.  It just becomes one more annoying choice or series of choices when we go shopping, when we order lunch, when we are out with friends.  Just one more thing to worry about or chastise ourselves about later.

You are connected to everything, but more importantly, everything is connected to you.  You are not just a consumer of products who needs to watch their every step and decrease their carbon footprint, you are a unique individual that helps make the world the amazing place it is.  Your being in the world makes it a better place to be.  And the better you are at being You, the better the world is.   So stop for a moment and just be yourself……

Ok, back to working on your carbon footprint.  🙂