All the advice, wisdom, guidance, destiny, paths, ancient texts, readings and messages are pretty much meaningless if you don’t listen to what they have to say.  I don’t mean blindly listen to anything and everything and then act on it like it’s the truth.  Just like the internet or tv, don’t believe everything you hear.  You have to use your judgement.  But in order to use your judgement, you have to at least listen to what is being told to you.

At one time or another all people providing readings or coaching or counseling have met with a client who spontaneous tell them “I’ve heard this all before.”  They are either surprised or they are frustrated or defeated.  Usually the practitioner is not surprised by this admission.  Because they hear but they don’t listen.  And it’s not as if this is some aberration of human nature.  We’ve all been through this.  For whatever reason we want something to be true so badly that we ignore anything that doesn’t match our achieving that something.  It’s really common in teenagers but adults fall prey to it as well and it can happen at any point in life.  The hard part is that it can happen over and over again if we don’t learn to listen.  Or it can stretch on forever with us spending all of our time not listening.

The worst part of this is the fact that it’s all backwards.  We want something, some specific thing so badly.  We map out exactly what it will look like, how it will happen, even when, and then focus all of our energy on that, to the exclusion of other things.  And because of all this focus and specificity we’re unable to see the other options available, we’re unable to step back and see the bigger picture, we’re unable even to see the answer right in front of us.  It could walk up and do a naked interpretive dance in front of us and we would just get frustrated that it was in our way!  Meanwhile, in reality, what we want minus the specifics, is more than likely possible if we would just listen.

So when asking for help, actually listen to the answer.  Don’t listen for things that match with or validate your preconceived notions of what the answer should be, but listen to the answer.  You might find things you never thought of, realized, or conceived of.  You might get a different perspective that makes everything fall into place.  You might find that the answer is ‘not right now’, which is never fun, but also is glorious in that it releases you to do and be other things that are just as good.  Waiting doesn’t have to be boring.  And the answers might just spur you into new directions that actually lead you where you want to be.  Therefore it’s important to listen.