It’s not enough to know what the plan is.  You still have to take action.  It’s not enough to read your soul book in the Akashics and know who you are and what you chose to do this time around.  Knowing that won’t create a magic faery wand that blesses you with everything you need and hand you the accomplishment on a platter.  You still have to take the necessary actions, make the necessary choices in order to achieve those goals.

The first and sometimes the hardest is to come into harmony with yourself.  Because the only way to live your authentic life, to walk your path, to fulfill you destiny, is to be fully who you truly are.  And that means body, mind, heart and soul.  If all of those aren’t in sync then you will be putting your energy into struggling without their support and ignoring the issue or putting all of you into trying to fix the side effects of the problem when you could be resolving it.  So first, healer heal thyself, be honest, be true to who you actually are.  And if that means you acknowledge that you don’t know, that you are in a place of confusion and awkward emotions, then good. Because that is truly where you are and you can’t move forward without that awareness.

keithedwards.comAnd if you are in a place of knowing but have never admitted what you know, time to come clean, if only with yourself.  Because living in masks that make you socially acceptable to your community (family, significant other, friends, peers…) not only reflects on you, it truly reflects on them that they aren’t relating to who you truly are.  Hopefully they see you behind the mask and are waiting for you to come out.  But if not, then you know they aren’t really part of your community at all.  Because they need the mask, not the real.  Once you are free of the mask, you are free.