In Iceland there’s a holiday tradition of giving each other a book on Christmas Eve: Jolabokaflod.  The entire family sits down with chocolate to snuggle and read. Being a book person I couldn’t resist, so  I started doing this myself a few years ago. It always brings to mind a memory from a time when I lived with roommates in an old house “back in the day”. One random Saturday afternoon it was grey and raining. For no reason I can remember, we all ended up in the living room with tea and books. I remember it because of the unique “being in the now” feeling of it. No one felt the need to fill the silence, yet we were all pleasantly aware of each other. We were each a world unfolding individually and interconnectedly for a peaceful afternoon which deepened our connections without active effort at all. We were present in each others’ presence.

So this Christmas Eve I hope you have the chance to be peaceful and present with yourself and the ones you love. Settle down, perhaps with a book, and have a happy Christmas Eve.


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