So many of us know what we should be doing.  Know it so well we could make lyrical poetry out of it.  Know it so in-depth that we could create interpretive dance representing it and even the dog would understand what we mean.  But it means nothing because no amount of knowing changes the fact that we choose not to do anything about it.

No amount of studying, meditating, discussing, despairing, or planning is going to change anything.  Once you have done all that the next step is to act.  What will it take for you to act today?  What will it take to get you past that fear, that need that holds you back from what you know you need to do?  What step can you take today to start living the life you deserve?

Don’t wait for the perfect moment.  There never is one except in Disney movies.  Don’t wait for the right stars to align.  They have their own agendas.  Don’t wait for someone else to give you permission.  No one has control over your life but you. Don’t worry about what you know.  Don’t shrug it off and keep doing what you’ve always done.  Act on what you know and do something new.