Over the past couple of months I have worked with quite a few clients that were asking for help in creating the changes in their lives they so desperately needed.  Whether that was healing for their bodies or relief from an emotional issue or resolution to an ancient hurt, they all needed support and permission to make that change happen in their lives.  The times when we break open, are hurt and feeling week, these are the magical times when we discover our essence and it is a privilege to be asked to help and participate in the transformational process.

I know from personal experience that change is frightening and challenging and frustrating at times.  But the rewards are so great that I always forge ahead, sometimes recklessly and sometimes with too much abandon, but I always try to move forward.  So it is a constant source of surprise to me when someone asks for help with an issue, is given the help and more help than they asked for and then refuses to take any actions to use it or to heal and resolve the situation.

Someone who is so physically wrecked that they can’t move from their chair, have to have care givers to help with day-to-day tasks, is given the resources to start healing and asked only to sit back and relax while the experts and specialists get them back on their feet.  But that’s the one thing they refuse to do.  Repeatedly.  And so their healing is progressing at a minimal rate.  Or the person who is working on making positive choices in their life for the first time in their adult life who consistently talks about negative things that have happened to them, warning others to avoid them at all costs, until they finally force that negative thing to occur because they’ve obsessed about it openly for hours.

I have not yet found why the status quo has so very much power.  Even after all the positives of change have been brought out into the light, people put all of their energy and will power into preventing the change from occurring and keeping things just as they are.  They pick fights, make choices or refuse to make them, dwell on the negative, continue old behaviors, and stay with the people who make them the most miserable.  Life is so short and has so many wonders and joys to offer, I still shake my head when people choose to keep themselves from embracing them.  What is it with the status quo?