I tend to push myself too hard for too long.  It’s a fact.  Don’t do as I do, do as I say.  LOL  I talk a good talk about keeping yourself in balance and listening to your inner voice and alla that because I have learned the lessons the hard way.  In my joy for adventuring, in my need to push as far as I can go, in my desire to just do it, I meet my edges.  Or, more often, I push beyond them and have to turn around to meet them because I need to heal something.

That’s not to say that I don’t struggle to do certain things.  There are lots of things that give me pause, take all of my courage to deal with, give me anxiety attacks or make me shake my head and say, “Not today.”  But more often than not I simply ignore the edge as I step over it and keep going. *sigh*    There are wondrous things at my edges.  Whole vistas of the world that I never imagined existed and that are contrary to the perspectives I was given as a child.  Views of myself I never thought to have.  Skills I never suspected and that are richly rewarding.  Discoveries I had sought for decades finally come to light.  Not only at the edges, some of them are in plain sight just waiting for me to pick them up, but more often it’s at the edges where the unknown unfolds into stunning and fun and joyous and gratifying.

Or painful.  Some edges come with pulled muscles you didn’t know you had or what they were connected to or what that you use them all the DANG time.  *sigh*  Some edges teach that the perspective I had was correct.  Kinda a ‘yup, that’s not for me.  Check.’  Good to know and alla that.  If we aren’t at least trying to find our edges we can’t know even 1/10th of who we are let alone what we could be.  So while it might be painful and can feel like 2 steps forward and 1 step back, it’s worth it to explore the edges.