We are spiritual beings living an embodied life.  We weren’t forced to come here, karma didn’t require it, we’re not prisoners here waiting for release, we chose this.  For a myriad of reasons that fall into categories such as Personal Growth, Service to Others, Exploration, Graduate Studies, Practical Application of Apprenticeship Skills, and so on.  Some of us may have reasons that fall into each of these categories in just one lifetime.  The point being that the body isn’t a suit we are wearing, it isn’t some malfunctioning tool that we use, and it’s not a punishment.  It’s an integral part of who we are which helps us reach our goals and life our life to the fullest.

And it therefore works in accord with our soul, mind, and emotions to help us live our best life.  Many times by reporting when we are out of sync or off track in some way.  For example, if you know your heart is no longer in the job or career track that you have chosen for yourself, if what you do for a living no longer fits who you are and you know what would, but you haven’t made the transition because of fear (of ridicule, of failure, of financial difficulties, of bankruptcy) things start happening in your life.  They can seem disconnected, random, and just one more thing to get through, but if you put them in context you start to see the patter.  That you and the Universe are in collusion to help you past your fears and into your best life.

You start feeling overly tired, you’re depressed, nothing seems to interest you any more except your little side projects that you are fiddling around with that have to do with your ‘dream’ job/business/career.  Then things at work start getting difficult.  Drama starts including you or impeding your work, your boss starts having problems with you that have never showed up before, more work than you can handle starts being dumped on you.  And yet you persist because what else can you do?  The bills have to get paid, right?  Meanwhile people start asking when you are going to open for business at your dream job, and physically things start becoming more difficult.  It’s harder and harder to get out of bed, you start having problems with your ears, you can’t hear due to fluid/wax buildup or other ailments.  Or it’s your eyes.  You start having problems with one or both of them which keep you from being able to do your job or focus on anything.

As a last-ditch resort your body is signalling:  Please pay attention!  You’re not listening (ear problems).  You’re not seeing what is right in front of your face (eye problems). The world around you, which is all of us, wants you to live your best life for your highest good.  And will support you in that.  So let go of the fears that are keeping you from it and start  moving in that direction. You don’t have to leap into it feet first, but the minute you make the decision to go, the body can let up on all these signals, all the energy you’ve been putting into staying at the old job will start rerouting into making the new opportunities happen, and life will start to feel good again.  So don’t just pray about it, don’t relegate your dreams to someday, start living them now.  It’s the healthy thing to do.