Manifesting is a complex and yet very simple process.  First, clear the decks.  By this I mean get our head/heart/body/soul in harmony or agreement that manifesting is what you want to be doing and about the object/goal you want to manifest.  Because until that you won’t get anywhere.  Or you’ll get exactly what you are putting out, unclarity, confusion, and disagreement which isn’t useful.  Second, know that the object/goal is already yours, has already been achieved.  Know it, not with your logical left brain which will immediately point out that you are delusional, but with your heart and body and soul, in the same way that you know you love your beloved or your children or even just a baby that rolls by in their parents grocery cart.  That instantaneous feeling that brings a smile to your face, that has no name and needs none, that just is because it is, that’s the way you should feel about what you are manifesting.  Third, start taking steps to head in the direction of the object/goal you are manifesting. This doesn’t mean trying to force it to happen, it doesn’t mean being completely responsible for its happening, it doesn’t mean controlling the process, it just means take a step.  Write down a game plan on how you think you’ll achieve it, but don’t set it in stone.  Look at all the opportunities (probable or improbable) and don’t deselect any of them so you can be open to the process unfolding.  And leave space for opportunities you don’t know about and can’t imagine, because the universe is far more intricate and interconnected that we can encompass with our minds.

Once you’ve done all that, set it all aside.  Because manifesting isn’t just about you.  It’s a conversation and a relationship with the greater Universe.  You can only do what you can do and then wait for the other party(s) to respond.  It’s a conversation, not a monologue, so wait your turn, allow the others to speak, open your ears to listen to the synchronicities, then rejoin the conversation to say your next bit.  Which may be different than you thought because who knows where the conversation will go.  And above all, have patience.  Just because it doesn’t happen immediately, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.  Spiritual timing has its own rhythm which has nothing to do with how much you want something or how impatient you are.  In fact, adding those things into the mix can delay the process by making you unable to react or receive when the rest of the universe responds to you.

There is one other thing you can add into this mix, and that’s working with the Akashics.  Something that people don’t really think about is that the Akashics is the physical field from which all matter comes into being and which encodes it with the rules and principles that make it function the way it does.  So if you put your wishes, your desires to manifest an object or goal into the Akashics, it sends a clear message directly into the substance that will manifest it.  To do this requires going into a space, like the room that my students use, then stating the request or goal and asking to be shown how it can come into being.  For example, if someone is in need of dress pants for a new job but short on funds to acquire them, they can go into the Akashics and ask to see if dress pants are available.   A box or closet or trunk might appear with pants of various colors and cuts and styles that are appropriate to the situation might appear as a confirmation that the request has been heard and will be answered.  A week later, a box arrives at the person’s door which is full of second-hand pants from a distant relative who thought they might fit.  And they do!

Utilizing the Akashics to manifest things, while not helping to make things appear logical or linear or clear in the cause and effect, can help make things happen in amazing ways.  Give it a try and see what you can create.