terminalpodcast.orgAt some point in our lives we have all felt the “Whew!  That’s over” and then later on we get smacked with a situation and ask “Hey!  Not Again!  Why???”  And it would be lovely if we could shake a fist at a deity or political figure or comic book character and make it their fault and some kind of vendetta against us.  Because then it wouldn’t be about us AND we would have some noble cause to fight.  We would be able to see injustice in what’s going on and take action to correct it.

But life isn’t like that, well most of the time.  That’s why we have all these super hero movies  and TV shows.  (Thank you Marvel and DC)  Life is a spiral.  Any lesson that we learn, situation we get into, moment that impressed something upon us, is going to come around again at some point, but in a different way and in a different form.  If someone is on a downward spiral, with the spirals getting smaller and smaller and smaller, then the problem keeps hitting them in the face everywhere they turn until they can’t turn at all.  Rock bottom anyone?  If the spiral is going upwards, with the spirals getting larger and larger, then the issue comes about but it is in a much smaller/easier/mellower form and is basically a reminder. It’s a chance to reconnect with that boundary/life lesson/identity change that we made originally and a means to validate our choices or make even better one’s this time.

That doesn’t necessarily make the situation pleasant, but it does make it an affirmation.  You are growing and becoming and good job so far!  Keep up the good work.  You aren’t being haunted by ghosts of bad situations past, you’re being acknowledged for good actions and good outcomes and continued good work.  Keep it up!