The key to any relationship is communication.  It’s even more so when you decide to start actively pursuing your path after you’ve started a relationship and it’s an ongoing concern.  So let’s talk about cords for a moment.  Any relationship from the casual to the intense creates an energetic connection between the individuals.  It’s a physical thing that can be seen and felt depending on your abilities.  Most connections simply fall away as they aren’t meant to be lasting.  Others become permanent such as the bonds with parents and children, siblings, grandparents, etc, etc.  These connections have a purpose beyond connecting us deeply.  They are an information highway passing thoughts and feelings between the people 24/7.  That’s where Mommy’s intuition about a child getting hurt comes from most of the time.

In intimate relationships that connection is larger than any other and is constantly providing feedback between you and your sweetheart.  This is great when things are great, good when there are problems that need to be worked out, problematic at best when things go south, and (if paid attention to) can clue you in when things are being hidden that should come out into the light.  So what you do and what your partner does affects you, not just financially or socially, but directly and personally.  Which means that if one of you decides to seek their spiritual path and start working major energy, you need to communicate.

I have worked with couples where one partner started doing high ceremony work and the other was getting migraines and feeling battered and disconnected and starting to want out of the relationship.  When I asked if partner 1 was notifying partner 2 before doing ceremony work they just blinked at me.  Nope.  So all of that energy was slamming into their partner without any warning or explanation and they were left to deal with it on their own.  Nice.  Your spiritual path is your own, but if you’re in relationship you’re not alone in the journey.  What you do affects you both.  That doesn’t mean that you should not seek your path or that you both have to agree to seek it together in the same way at the same time.  In fact, it’s better that you don’t because both of you doing large transformation things could break your relationship.

What you need to do is communicate.  Include them by cluing them in.  Keep them up to date and be as honest as you can.  Sometimes you don’t have words and you don’t see the bigger picture in the moment and that’s ok.  But letting them know that you’re working on it is essential.  That way, when it’s their time to strike out on their path, they’ll pay you the same courtesy.  And that’s good feedback.