It’s always surprising to me that with all the physical limitations there are are in the world, geography, time, resources, that what hampers us most often is the limits we have in our own minds.  How often have you heard someone grip about not being able to do something or get something and when you try to help by offering them suggestions on how to do it, they say “Oh no, I can’t, because….” and give a reason that makes no sense. It’s usually something that is completely within their control like “I don’t have time” or “I’m just not the person who does those things” or “I would fail and that would be embarrassing so I shouldn’t try.

What is it about the human animal that wants to drive itself insane and make itself unhappy?  Why do we desire things and then choose not to do them or try for them?  Why do we make up excuses for ourselves or make up identities that limit our potential and our happiness?  Why do we say the words “That’s just who I am and it will never change.”?

Change is the one constant in the universe.  If you think you won’t change, think again because nothing you can do will prevent it.  Everyday you experience life and that changes you and every day time changes your body from youth to wisdom.  You don’t have a choice in that.  So why not embrace it? Instead of just coasting and dreaming and being limited by your own thoughts, why not dump the limits and try something?  Take some free time and try something new.  Stop doing all these new things on your schedule and make some free time?  Change it up and live a dream.   Don’t let yourself be the limitation.