It’s difficult to wait for what you want.  We’re taught that with enough money you can get anything you want right now.  No why pay attention to anything for any length of time?  And more is better, right?  Well all of that applies to commodities or things, but the world is not just commodities and things that you can buy.  You can’t buy the ability to make a tree grow faster. You can’t buy peace.  And as much as the media and the professions would like you to believe otherwise, you can’t buy health.

I think the best example of that right now is the Occupy Wallstreet movement.  They can’t buy what they want, which is change.  And as has been demonstrated in country after country this year, change takes time and hard work and persistence.  And it takes more than just one person to do it for all of us, it takes all of us to do it for each person.  Change is possible, but the road to achieve it is complicated and long and requires more than just  couple of hours or a couple of bucks.  And it needs to happen in more than just one place, but everywhere.

My point is that this is a huge part of life in general, not just this one moment in time.  Not everything can be bought.  Education must be paid for, but in the end if you don’t practice or read or do then the money is a waste.  If you don’t follow through on what you need to do to heal, then all the pills and the operations and the scans are pointless, and if you just do something once and it doesn’t work, well, that’s normal. Try again.  If you get pushed out of one park, move to another.  Occupy until you are heard, get a second/third/fourth opinion until you find an answer, be patience and above all, be persistent.