This first step to solving any issue is to recognize that there is an issue.  The second step is being willing to take action to resolve it.  Many times the hitch comes in figuring out what actions or series of actions are going to actually help resolve the problem.

A few things that can mess us up with this.  One is the ‘one size fits all’ and ‘one easy pill a day’ perspective on healing things.  These come from a merchandising or sales perspective.  Great for putting product or services out there to the most clients possible, not necessarily what is best for the client.  Because each is unique and the multitude of things that brought them to this point in time with this issue may not respond to that particular treatment or not at that stage or in the way it is being supplied.

Another is the training we get in immediate gratification.  We learn that we should see a linear progression from problem to solution and that any remedy should have some demonstrable effect quickly, which usually means within 20 minutes to 24 hours.  This is one reason patients using antidepressants are told over and over that it will take a while to build up in the system.  We’re so used to getting immediate relief that when it doesn’t happen we give up.  People feel that other healing modalities and healing in general should work the same way, which denies the fact that the issue may be complicated, may be multi-layered and therefore take more than one healing practice and more than one run at it to get resolved.

Then there is looking for external remedies to internal issues.  We are taught my modern science that the body is a machine and one in which the soul somehow is loosely attached.  It is separate from all the other parts of our being and has a tendency to break down, malfunction, and get attacked by external agents.  We therefore must be constantly vigilant because we aren’t able to trade it in for another model and have limited success in repairing it depending on what has happened.  And yet the body is, in actuality, interconnected with the rest of us -mind/emotions/soul- and therefore not only provides a means for these to interact with the world around us but responds to what is happening inside us.  So if we are missing something, avoiding something, or misunderstanding something it will respond with an answer, usually in the form of an ailment or illness.  I call it throwing up red flags to try to get our attention.   It can be muscle spasms, exhaustion, constant injuries to one limb or one side of the body, sudden onset deafness or blindness (sometimes in only one ear or eye), and on and on.

These physical manifestations will accept regular treatment or healing practices, but they won’t heal completely.  Or they will recur in another way, usually more severely.  Because the issue is not of the body being a broken machine, but of it being a responsive part of you as a person which is trying to help you become or heal.  And until the issue is dealt with internally the messaging won’t stop.

So when you’re looking for an answer to an ongoing issue, take a moment to focus inward, not in a judgemental or blaming way.  Be honest with yourself.  Just like working in the Akashics, you need to keep an open mind and an open heart in order to see or feel what you will find there.  And once you do, you may be surprised at how deep and complete the healing can be.