Souls are eternal.  Yup, there’s more after this life.  I’ll let you think on that for a moment….

Ok, so before you were here in a body living this life you made conscious choices about the life you wanted to live, the challenges and the joys you wanted to experience, and the goals you wanted to achieve.  And all that got written down in your Soul book just like all of your other experiences and choices.  And as your life is occurring now your book keeps a record of it all.  Like an intelligent recording it stores it all for you.  A living journal.

It is possible to read that journal, actually read the love notes you left for yourself of everything you wanted for you.  Everything that you were looking forward to, all of the instructions on when things would happen that you were looking forward to, all the possibilities and opportunities that would be available.  It’s all up there. Thoughtful of you, wasn’t it?  🙂