Teachers and family are constantly trying to point out to us that we’re good at ‘something’.  It’s supposed to be self-esteem building.  But past the age of about 6, we can recognize what society values and what it doesn’t and so telling us that being the best at badminton racket cleaning is less than a ringing endorsement.

We all do have innate talents and not just being the best at whistling Inna Gadda Davida or blowing the biggest bubble with gum.  Our souls have talents and affinities that we carry with us when we enter into this life.  Some people are good at healing what hurts, some understand the why water does what it does in a given situation, some of them are drawn to work with growing things, some are really good at construction, some are good a pattern recognition and 3D visualization.

Any and all of these things could be seen as a hobby or a quirk while you go along with your ‘real job’, but they could also be a light that shows you where you are best able to have a fulfilling career doing something you are good at.  Do you know what your talent is?  Do you understand where it can lead you and what you can do with it?