The Akashic Library is a repository for information on all life. Anyone can access it and we all do on a regular basis. Once or twice a week during our sleep we reconnect with the part of us that has remained in Spirit and we the meeting place is in the Akashics. The Akashics is much more than just a library so many times we are elsewhere experiencing things we need to see and feel or helping us with an issue we are working through. But most of us have woken up from dreams where we have been in a classroom and have just finished a lesson or been listening to a teacher. This is usually the end of a trip to the Akashic Library where you have been taught more of what you need to know here.

The Library presents information to each person in a way that makes the most sense to them so in the past it appeared to be scrolls or tablets or someone speaking to them directly as that is how they knew how to receive information. Later it became bound books, which is still the most often way in which it is presented. But the information can also come through movies projected on a screen, through audio only, or through art and still pictures.

Each person’s soul book is unique and holds a wealth of information about that person. It’s my privilege and honor to be able to read these books for people and help them understand more fully the amazing person that they are.