Life is not predestined.  It’ s not all about Fate. Sorry for those romantics who want to see that person across the room and just “know” that they are the one and live “happily ever after”.   That would be great of we were children needing to be taken care of and still believed in arranged marriages controlled by loving and all-knowing parents.  But I believe all of those notions went out with the plague and the Inquisition.  Some good does have to go out with the bad.  Sorry.

So you are responsible for your own life.  Which to me is pretty exciting because it means that anything is possible. When I read for my clients the opportunities that are open to them are amazing.  Looking at their books shows the branching choice trees they have already been through, where they are at now, and some of what will come.  And as the Soul Book of their lives is always working in their best interest and for the best good of all, all the opportunities are positive choices that will lead them towards fulfillment of their life purpose and to happiness.  Who doesn’t want that kinda news?

But, again, it all comes down to choices.  Will you choose to do something about what you are being shown?  Will you ignore it?  Your life it up to you.