One of the most common areas people want to know about is relationships.  They want to know if there is a partner for them out there or if they are in the right relationship, where is their soul mate, why they choose the wrong person, and much more.  Their Soul books in the Akashics do have that information, but it is rarely all romance and love songs, although it can be and I enjoy it when that’s what I get to read to them.

Will billions of people on the planet and our ability to travel long distances within hours and migration routes that don’t take walking days to get there, it’s easy to see why the number of people we can be connected to and the circumstances on how we connect have exploded exponentially.  Yet we do plan certain relationships, connections, and experiences before we get here. That’s why, when we meet someone, we can ‘just know’ they are special or they have some certain relevance to us.  We set that up ahead of time to make sure we don’t miss it.  So you can relax a bit and not scan every single face you see.  You’ll know when you see them that they are important and special.

Some people do not have a certain someone planned for their life as a partner or ‘the one’ but many have left themselves a plethora of choices for relationships or have planned several throughout their life in order to learn and grow in certain areas of their lives. The point is not to avoid emotional pain or sorrow or anger.  Those are a normal part of being in a body and accelerate growth.  The point is to learn and grow and become.  To have the outcome be that you are both better for having tried.

Which sounds great, but is hard to keep in mind during a messy break up, a bitter divorce, or a custody battle.  Soul books can help you understand the why of it all, stop the blame game, and help you see what is to come next and what will help in the now.  If there is any help.  Sometimes advice and intellectual understanding doesn’t help in the moment.  For those times I recommend a rolled up futon, a baseball bat, and some loud music to cover the primal screams of rage.  It’s a healthy outlet and your futon ends up being fluffy again.