We’ve all had that thought, haven’t we?  I’m in this situation, I don’t have what I want, I need something better, I’m not safe, I’m not happy, I’m not anything I wanted to grow up to be.  But this is what I get and I need to just suck it up and deal.  Right?

Hardly.  We all have to deal with the moment at hand, because all we really have is this moment we are in.  But in each moment we have opportunities to change the current situation, to act.  We make choices, we feel feelings, we move.  Just the act of moving is a choice. We have free will and whether in a very small way or a very grand one, we have the ability to change our current situation in this moment.  So I have to say “No, this is not all their is”.

We have one of the greatest gifts ever know, the ability to create.  We can create our own lives and using what is around us we can create them into something that we like, we want, and we enjoy.  That may be just a doodle on a pad sitting next to us, it may be picking a flower as we walk somewhere today, it may be getting up and moving during lunch so we are burning more calories than we did yesterday.  Or perhaps we dance late at night when no one is looking.  🙂

We get frustrated and stuck when we look at the huge picture of our lives and don’t see what we want to see.  It can stop us from doing anything and make us feel defeated.  So don’t look at the huge picture.  Look at today.  Look at what you can do today to make things better. Make choices that make you feel better in this moment.  There’s revolution in the every day possibilities presented to us.  Breathe and open yourself to “I wonder what can be…”