Being a medium is a time honored tradition whose popularity ebbs and flows in popular culture. It was taken on by Spiritualism in Victorian times and became somewhat like video games are to us today. Entertainment that can become obsessive and or a lifestyle.  I recently watched an interesting HBO special on Lilydale which is a community that still practices Spiritualism (Think Christianity crossed with seances).  It’s a small town with 40 resident mediums who live, practice, and work through Spiritualism.  In talking about their history they point to Victorian times where mediums were the new ‘thing’ and because they worked 7 days a week and were in such demand, they became vaudvillian and a large number of con-artists and fakers got in on the money giving the process a bad name.

Today mediums are back in style, but with no one religion or spiritual underpinning.  Freedom of religion is at its peak in this regard as mediums come from a kaleidoscope of backgrounds and beliefs.  To my mind, choosing a medium to work with is like choosing a lawyer, a physician, or a contractor.  Don’t trust the advertising, check with past patients, look up reviews, ask around and see what people have to say who’ve experienced them.  And if that sounds good to you, go and work with them and trust your instincts, not their spin.  If something isn’t right, it’s not you, it’s them or the situation or something.  Don’t try to work it out, move on to another medium.  There’s plenty around at this point.

Meanwhile, there are quite a few groups and practitioners out there offering to do Akashic readings or to teach people how to do Akashic readings.  Which is all well and good, but to date I haven’t found more than a couple that actually do.  What I see is people trying to teach, haphazardly, is how to be a medium.  They gear it towards talking, not with the passed over, but with guides and teachers and ‘Masters’ who work in the Akashics (as if there is anywhere else they would be…) and who can give information about a specific person from an Akashic perspective.  Which to my mind is convoluted as far as getting the information and requires that people take on a skill they might not ever develop.

Not all people are mediums.  Being a medium requires that the physical human body be able to interact with other spiritual beings on this plane of existence.  And there are a plethora of ways in which a person might do this, but most have no idea about that and no clear means of figuring it out.  So the technical aspects of the process, being untaught and left to guess-work and innate ability, create an insurmountable hurdle for most people.  Then, if you can figure out the skills to do so, you’re supposed to ask another being to find the information you’re looking for, and then relay that to another person, creating a spiritual ‘telephone game’ process.  Leaving me with the question, “Why?”

Why create a lose/lose situation for everyone?  Is it because they have no concept that there is any other way or do they think that the more difficult something is the more awesome and spiritual it is?  Probably both and a lot of other reasons besides, I suppose.  As all people reach the Akashics without having to use mediumship, they do it through their sleep, I just don’t see any reason to mix the two together.  If you want to learn how to be a medium or work with a medium, that’s great.  They provide amazing insights and gifts, those who are actual skilled practitioners and not scam artists.  For the Akashics, there’s no need to be a medium to access it. You can do so directly and consciously using the skills you already have.  You’re already able to access who you truly are, all you need to do is reach for it.  Trust yourself. You’re already half way there.