I’ve heard that other writers and artists suffer through this as well.  There’s a point, somewhere in the middle of a project, where it feels like you’ve totally failed, you’re a failure, this is never going to work, you should scrap it and start over, you’re never going to make deadline, what was I thinking in even starting this whole thing….

And at some point you get past the middle. You start to see the end getting closer.  Things start to gel, to feel better, to look closer to finished project and the tide turns into, this is almost done.  Enthusiasm comes back as things change from slogging over and over to finishing and the tempo changes from doing to getting it out there.

Feeling the tide turning now, thank goodness.   And thanks to aspirin for making the migraine recede so I can get some work done….I’ll be glad to forget this middle part again.  I like to be surprised by it each time it happens….not.