I know quite a few people in my life that are either self-employed or are trying to start a business or just get a new job, something that makes sense for their life and that they can at least be satisfied with and be able to pay the bills.  However, they all struggle constantly and quite often the issue is where they are putting the effort.

I know it can be scary, but if you are going to own a business, be an artist, hunt for a job, you have to be visible.  You have to be available to other people.  And not in a wall flower kind of way.  Not in a “I guess if you really want to you can come see what I do” kinda way.  And not necessarily in a loud and brassy and annoying way either.  You don’t have to be the worst kind of car salesman to get people to notice you, but you do have to stand tall and be a bit proud of who you are and say “This is who I am.”

Here’s the thing.  When it comes to money, not having enough or not knowing where it is coming from can be terrifying.  It can cause us to freeze up and not be able to think or to do things that have short-term rewards and no long-term gains.  We can sabotage ourselves easily and quickly when we get into a “not enough” frame of mind.  And that can get connected to our self-worth and our self-image when we’re self-employed as artists, writers, dancers, musicians or when we’re looking for a new job therefore needing to advertise who we are and what we can do.  Money and identity, two huge hot buttons of fear for most people.

However, we can’t let that stop us from doing what is best for us and for our goals.  Don’t screen out opportunities because you’re sure the venue will work.  You won’t know until you try or at least scope it out.  And check to make sure the reason you are unsure about it is really about the venue and not about a fear or identity issue you are having.  Sometimes what is causing the fear is the fact that if you start working there or start vending there or get seen there it will propel your career faster than you think you should or can go.  But if that is where you want to go and the opportunity is there and you have everything you need, what is holding you back?  Fear?  Get past the fear.  Try and see what happens.  Being truly who you are publicly can’t hurt you more than you are already doing through fear and it can be amazing and take you places you’ve always wanted to go and some you didn’t know existed.

Don’t let fear of being seen keep you from your dreams.