So, this is the first New Moon of our Snake year.  The months cycle through moving inward, from Full Moon to New Moon, and cycling outward from New Moon to Full Moon.  We’ve been introspective since the Holidays and that makes sense.  We’ve been figuring out what last year meant, what happened and why, going through all the top 10 lists of things and people that happened to us and each other, but now it’s time to look forward and start doing with the new year ahead of us.

This being a snake year things are a bit of this and a bit of that.  We will wind to one side to work on who we are becoming in light of all that happened to us in 2012 and then we will wind to the other side working on how we want to craft our lives from that becoming.  Which I’m beginning to think might echo the moon phases shifting our focus from inward to outward organically.  Or jerking us around from one to the other if we’re overly focused in one direction or the other.  So prepare to be flowing like water or jerked about from one thing to another, depending on where you are with this process.

This year will be a balancing act between being present, being active in the process and going with the flow.  Because it’s the year of water snake, the fire that flows.  Like lava it will build new land, it will carve new pathways, it will change form and create form, while destroying everything in its path that is no longer necessary.  So my recommendation is be alert (the world needs more ‘lerts’) to what is going on within you and around you, listen to your intuition, do what you feel like doing even if its counter intuitive, don’t negatively judge the emotions or needs you have around it, and let meaning come as inspiration rather than logic.  Because logic is going to be loosey goosey this year and very much so this month.  The snake can’t see anything while its shedding it’s skin.  Seeing comes after the transition is complete.