We all get frustrated sometimes because we seem to be doing it all right.  We’re holding our intention, we taking right action, we’re being open to the universe, we’re doing what we’ve been asked to do, and still the thing we most want isn’t manifesting.  So then we try a new way of setting intention, amp up the amount of energy we’re putting into things, seek out support from others in order to boost the signal, look at the signs/cards/oracles to see if there’s anything we’re missing, and still it doesn’t appear.  We ask our guides/angels/teachers and are told it’s coming, don’t worry.  But it’s not here no matter how hard we reach for it.

The thing is, underneath all this asking is the assumption that we’re going to get it, that we can have it the way we want, and it will come when we call like a dog off the leash.  It’s a bit like a kid at the grocery store having a tantrum over a candy bar.  The idea is that if they scream loud enough, long enough the prize will be won because they deserve that candy bar.  However, sometimes the answer is no.

No is a valid answer.  No, you can’t have it right now. No, that’s not actually what you need so stop asking.  No, you can’t have that one because you won’t be hungry for dinner which means you can’t have the ice cream we’re having for dessert.  No.

We never want to hear no and the minute we hear it we usually go all Armageddon: that means I can’t ever have it…why did you trick me into believing I could have it…why am I not worthy of having this…everything I’ve believed is a lie, etc., etc., etc.   If we can get past the hurt and the panic and the catastrophic thinking we might realize that we’re not being told absolutely no and that there’s information we’re not hearing or not accepting which could really help us get what we want.  Sometimes it just takes a tweak of the question, a small change in what we’re attempting to manifest and things fall into place.  Sometimes it’s a timing issue, where in actuality we’re being told “not now” or “please wait because something better is coming.”

So after you’ve had the tantrum (I have them so why should I tell you not to?) take a deep breath and back away from the cliff, climb back down from the tree, and reevaluate.  You’re being heard, now it’s time to listen.