People ask me what they can do to hear their guides more clearly.  They want to communicate more directly, to hear the guidance they know they’re getting, to be able to access wisdom more fully.  Fair enough.  Sometimes this means teaching them communication techniques for making the communication more conscious like showing them how to use guided meditation and their Akashic room to interact directly with their guides just like they would have conversations with friends over a glass of wine or a cup of coffee.  Sometimes its about pointing them to communication they are already getting and showing them how to parse out the meaning and work with the information.  I mean, if you’re already getting it and not using it, the more is just more, right?

But sometimes this means asking the person to stop the truck for a moment.  We’ve all experienced this in one form or the other.  The room is loud and getting louder.  Music or TV or video games or all of the above are going on, people are talking around and over it, and someone else is doing other noisy things and so it’s all building, layer on layer, to a crescendo of chaos.  Then over it all someone says to the person on the phone, “Can you speak a little louder? I can’t hear you.”  The answer should be “No, can you go somewhere there isn’t so much noise?  It sounds really noisy where you are.” This is what people are doing with their guides more often than not.  Their lives are overly busy, too full of too much and instead of working to get things contained or calmed or regulated or at least functional, instead they ask that their guides just work with it and shout over it.  Because for some reason it’s our guides responsibility to help us out of the mess we created, are currently creating and sustaining and maintaining.   Then people wonder why they can’t hear their guidance and what they can do to get the message.

Well, turn down the volume.  I have clients that ask me what to do about it.  What magic wand, special practice, silver bullet will make this sort itself out.  What I point out is that “it” doesn’t need to be sorted, the client does.  Stop allowing/creating/supporting chaos.  Stop accepting this as “the way things are.” Stop being the traffic cop, the goto person, the one that does for everyone else.  Step away from the doing and start being.  Let your awareness be with you in the moment and really hear the cacophony instead of tuning it out.  The minute you do things will change because “Ow!  That’s too fricking LOUD!!!”  It’s nearly impossible to hear our own guidance if we aren’t even listening to the physical people in our lives and we aren’t listening to ourselves.  So turn down the volume, start being present and you’ll be amazed at what you will be able to hear.