What is the one thing you are going to change today?

Our being in the Universe requires that we move and do because we need to eat and eliminate and breath.  We are home to millions of organism that live with us symbiotically on, around and in our bodies.  We move through an environment that even at its cleanest is inhabited with other denizens such as insects and the arachnids who prey on the insects.  And being social animals our presence affects others around us.  If we stay in our house and don’t do anything external our neighbors notice.  If we go out into the world we interact with others that are out as well.  Doing or not doing changes things around us as the world is not still.  It moves whether we do or not.

So what will you change today? Better yet, what will you choose to change today?  Because the fact that you exist in this world in this moment means that you are changing things involuntarily in this interdependent world.  But you have the right to make choices as well.  What will you change today?  Will you smile at someone and improve their day?  Will you create art that will stir the mind and heart of another person?  Will you hike somewhere to see what is out there, leaving a bit of yourself in the process?  Will your purchase make a difference somewhere to something?  Can it?  Will you choose not to purchase something today in order to change the world order? Will  your rolling over and going back to sleep make things better for thousands of people around the world?  Or just give you time to be you?  Or both?

What will you change today?