So far it has been a day of surprising tears for me.  Happy tears, mind you, but still.

First, I was eating breakfast and doing the morning business routine when the news flashed across my screen: SCOTUS made gay marriage the law of the land in the US.  Being a citizen of the US and having family and many, many friends who are directly affected by this, I burst into tears over my toast and tea.   That in itself has caused me to be a bit blubbery today.

Then there was President Obama’s statement about it in the Rose Garden.  And here go the water works.  Glad I have Kleenex right here next to me.

Ok, so trying to get on with my day, between clients I turned on the TV to watch The Daily Show with lunch and here is Obama giving his eulogy for Reverend Clementa Pinckney.  I was just stunned watching the Pres, who usually is so dry and staid, be emotional and impassioned to this extent.  I mean for him, obviously.  But then…he started singing a capella!  Seriously.  Because I wasn’t weepy before.  Something that would turn even the most stoic performer to stone, that even professional singers shy away from, he took on in that venue.  Was it perfect?  Nope.  Did it need to be?  Nope.  Having been a soloist as a musician, I broke out in the happy tears again.  Thanks, Obama!

So then, on top of everything else, because that wasn’t enough, I had my own personal triumph.  After 18 months of my own personal journey from joy to purgatory and back again, I have finished creating the Kabbalah class for DailyOm!  The writing is done, the meditations are all done, all the editing of the audios is done.   Hip-freaking-hurray!!!!  I’m still in a bit of shock, but I’m sure it will settle in over the next couple of days.  Now comes the working with DailyOm to get it accepted and set up and all of that, but the heavy lifting is done.  I start giggling every time I think about it and this crazy smile won’t leave my face and then the tears.

So here’s to June 26, 2015!

If you want to read the actual decision from SCOTUS on gay marriage in the US, all 200 pages are right here. Yay for the 14th amendment to the Constitution.

If you want to hear what President Obama had to say about the decision, well that would be here.

Of course, let’s not forget that Ireland not only got there first, but did it by popular vote rather than legal wrangling.  Congrats!

If you want to hear an amazing eulogy that ends with some crazy acts of singing bravery, here’s that too.

But I don’t know that anything will top New Zealand who passed marriage equality by law and then sang an indigenous love song a capella.  Because nothing expresses the strength of love like our elected officials getting swept up in song.  Crazy beautiful.

Ok, so now I’m going to go blow my nose, laugh giddily at random times, and have a lie down. Not necessarily in that order and who know what else is going to happen today.  It’s early yet….