It’s something we’ve all experienced at one time or another.  Netflix sends us the 2nd and 3rd DVD in the series, but the 3rd one arrives first.  We have to wait until the 2nd one arrives so we can watch them in order.  Or not.  Sometimes rebellion is fun.  LOL  Sometimes we order a book and it’s not the next in the series.  Sometimes we get a part and it looked like it would work but it will only work if we get the part that connects here to there.  Life is like that too.  It sometimes hands us things out of sync, gives us experiences that don’t seem to connect up smoothly with anything else.  It’s the height of random and we just can’t figure out what is going on or why?

The terrible part is if we spend a huge amount of time trying to figure it out.  Like trying to shove that square peg into the round hole or pushing on the door that says “Pull” we try and try to make things make sense and they just don’t.  Sometimes this is because the thing we need to make it make sense hasn’t happened yet, hasn’t arrived yet, isn’t born yet, has been made yet, you get the idea.  Like a time-lapse capsule, sometimes what we need is handed to us early and we have to be patient and wait for the meaning and the purpose to unfold.  Sucks, but it’s true.

How to know?  Well, if all else fails and you’ve got a migraine and a goose egg on your head from beating it against that brick wall, I’d say stop and let time and the universe catch up with you.  If nothing else, you’ll feel better for it and if you really want to, you can start the beatings again tomorrow.  It’s a free country.  🙂  Who knows?  Tomorrow might be when the answer is set to arrive of its own accord.