Past Life RelevanceThere are quite a few notions swirling around out there about past lives, what they mean, why we have them, and what we do about them. And there are a great many people out there trying to provide understanding and support, mostly by, unfortunately, claiming that they know a secret, an ancient practice, have communication with someone/something, or have the one true way to work with past lives.  All of which I take with scepticism and a grain of salt as big as the one I use when dealing with any religion or belief that claims to have the one true way and all the answers.  As the only thing I know for sure is that I might be wrong, I try to keep an open mind, but I personally have difficulty sifting out the message from the messenger at times and I find that the message gets tainted in all the sparkles and mystery that it hides behind.

There are good people out there working to figure things out.  You can usually tell that someone is at least on the right track when they talk about everything but themselves or their patented techniques, when they focus on the people, on the practical, on results, and that they don’t have all the answers.  I like open ended processes because it allows us to continue to explore and find out what it is that we don’t know.

There are many reasons for being interested in past lives.  Some children remember their most recent past life and pull those memories into their consciousness so they retain them this time around instead of forgetting them in early childhood.  It’s interesting to know why, mostly if the memories bother the child.  If someone has persistent dreams about another person or an event that seem to be from another time period that are bothersome or just causing curiosity.  If someone has a phobia or ongoing fear or attraction to something that seems completely disconnected from everything else in this lifetime (not so much a general fear of spiders, for instance, but more like a deep seated all consuming fear of being gored by a bull even though you’ve never been near one nor ever gone to Spain and seen a bull fight.)  Or going to a place that you’ve never been to before (verified by parents and siblings) and feeling that you know it completely and have been there before. Usually accompanied by feelings of complete comfort and a sense of home or fear and loathing.

Just as no one reason brings you to an interest in your past lives or past lives in general, so no one means of accessing them will work in every situation to get you the information you need.  Finding the relevant person or process to get at the crux of the matter, the why of the situation, can be a process of trial and error.  You should approach it like car shopping.  You know some of what you want and what price you are willing to pay, but then you have to either get online or actually go to a place and look around. You should check the CarFax, look under the hood, give it a test drive and decide if this is the right car for you.  Don’t just buy whatever car you find when you start looking.  If the information is to be relevant to you, then the means by which you acquire it should be too.