Having worked with soul books and the Akashic records for so long, I sometimes forget that people are taught by various religions that we only get one lifetime.  Which may be true, but from what I see in people’s soul books, this is not the case.  Clients ask me if I can find ‘a past life’ for them.  And yes, yes I can.  In fact, most soul books have so many listed that it takes up over half of the entire book.  I sometimes have difficulty sorting through all of them to find something that matches what they are looking for.  Because we all want to be relevant and important and seen, even if it’s in a life that happened before we were born this time around.

Past Life Reading

Did you live in Egypt?

People want to know they were famous or important in some way and usually think of that as within the past couple of hundred years or in a variety of cool cultures and time periods that they were taught about in school.  Egyptian is a past life favorite, Roman is another, Native American is high on the list for  US/Europe/Canada, and Celtic is coming into favor.  Irish during the potato famine is not even thought of, classical Greek culture makes people a bit squeamish, and Christian during the time of Christ is problematic on a great many levels.  You can’t say you were Christ in a past life because you’ll be put in a mental institution or at least be put on severe meds. Besides, it’s been done folks.  It’s not even a Facebook meme at this point. And the Christians had this whole persecution thing and seem to have been dirty and poor and hunted….martydom is great in theory, but not as fun to relive.

What I find interesting about people’s past lives are not the individual lives, the most of which are mundane from a ‘famous person’ standpoint, but the themes or lessons or methodology that appear when they are viewed together. In reading people’s soul books, what I see is some people choose to embody as male when doing research or working on a project such as being an explorer or a scientist or a merchant that travels.  They live solitary lives this way over and over, not to learn a lesson, but to learn more about how the world works and how humans work within it.  Like PhD research.  Pauses between these lives are large.  Others choose to embody as couples over and over again because they work best as a team and part of their work is to provide loving stable homes for other beings to grow in, creating a platform for those beings to start their journey’s earlier than otherwise possible.  Still others go through life after life working through personal issues such as learning that sovereignty doesn’t require power over another and that power doesn’t empower individuals necessarily.  This can be seen in life after life, switching back and forth from male to female, from powerful to disempowered, to lives where sovereignty is available if effort is extended.

We all have past lives and they are amazing stories not only of unique events that have helped form us, but of choices about who we wish to be and who we choose to become.  They aren’t necessarily dramatic stories of grand success or utter failure, but of the best parts of our selves.  Those parts who try when it would be easier to just sit back.