Western culture’s understanding of past lives is a bit interesting.  While we seem to have slipped out of the noose of living on the wheel of torment and needing to live life after life living out various Karmas until we achieve enlightenment, possibly because we have given up every achieving enlightenment if it ever was possible, we have also seemingly come to this collective conclusion that each individual has only a handful to mull over and it’s magic if you can access them at all.

So it comes as a surprise when this is not the case.  I had a client ask me to look at their past lives.  So I went to look at those records and then paused waiting for some cue as to what time period or life or event they wanted to explore.  Nothing.  So I prompted.  Which caused a bit of a ‘Mexican Standoff’ due to the fact that they thought there were only two or three and so I should be seeing them clearly.  Well there were literally hundreds of all kinds and varieties and I had no idea where they wanted me to start.  Once I got that across and started listing things off the client got so flustered that it took a while to get them back on track and get to what they actually wanted to find out about.

Most people have lived hundreds of times before.  Are all of those lives interesting, yes.  Are they complex and rich and rewarding and great learning tools, yes again.  Are they all Romeo and Juliet or Cleopatra or Caesar or a witness to Buddha or Muhammad or Jesus, nope.  Would be nice, though, huh?  Our pasts are amazing and can teach us a great deal about who we are now and why we’re crazy enough to be doing this again.  But if you’re going to go looking at them, have some details in mind.  Having someone page through them and count how many lifetimes you’ve had a mate and children might not be the enlightening event you were looking for.