People mistakenly think that the Akashics or their Soul Book (they often think of these as interchangeable) is some kind of oracle.  Like the mechanical gypsy at the carnival you put in your token and get your fortune.  Or like Tarot you can just listen to what the cards tell you and your future will be mapped out for your for the next few days or weeks or years.  Well, unfortunately it ain’t so.  Here’s a peek behind the curtain:  it’s all class participation and your reading as well as your life are about the choices you make and the actions you take.

Just in case you were wondering, the mechanical gypsy more than likely just spits out the next fortune in the queue that has been preloaded.  But it wouldn’t do it unless you put in the token.  So taking action caused that effect.  Tarot works not because there is some magic in the cards, but because you put your life and your current situation into them when you shuffle them.  While tarot readers can glean a lot from your expressions, body language, and answers to questions, the real answers and the details are in the cards that you have chosen.  And any reader that is ethical and honest will read them so that you get the full value of the information presented.

Your Soul Book in the Akashics is somewhat like a Dictionary and somewhat like an interactive Wikipedia entry.  Both have a lot to say, but neither if very helpful if you aren’t looking.  Your Soul Book is just that, a book.  It’s an interactive record of who you are.  It has a lot of information in it about you and probably the wisdom of the ages and possibly the key to how you can be a pony or a rocket if you sent a Dear Buddha letter, but until you actively seek that information, it just sits there recording things.  I have had clients tell me that they just want to know what it wants to tell them.  But it wants to tell them everything all and once and doesn’t care to tell them anything in any particular order.  It’s a dance partner with no music to dance to and no one to dance with unless you come with an open and inquisitive mind.

And, I think what is key, is that those who have no questions are not truly seeking.  Those with no questions usually have expectations or are looking for spectacle.  They want to know something amazing that doesn’t impact their current life but is fun to talk about at parties.  And many times there is that in your soul book. I have yet to meet a client who was totally vanilla, boring, and had no surprises or uniqueness in their souls.  Just doesn’t happen.  But your soul isn’t a movie you keep in your Netflix queue.  Your Soul is amazing.  And learning about it more than you already know, is quite frequently a game changer.  Just knowing who you are can help you lead the life you have always wanted.  And that’s not something you get by going back to Normaltown.   So don’t look for your Soul Book to tell you what it wants you to know.  Seek it out as the adventure of a lifetime, your lifetime, and choose where the reading starts…..