One of the many joys I have in reading for people in the Akashics is seeing all the ways in which we live our existence when we are not in bodies.  Being in a body is a dramatic, immediate, sensorial experience, but who and what we are when we are ‘home’ is really amazing.  Some people are students learning about themselves, their friends and siblings in their soul group, and the Universe at large.  Others are guides that spend portions of their lives mastering the artistry of helping those souls who choose to become embodied here.  Still others work to help new souls as they are created and start their journey in this tapestry of life.

I have met guardians who spend their time making sure we are all safe and well within the Akashics, those who spend their existence in the Library itself becoming specialists in retrieving and accessing data.  I have met several whose life is to create and support various areas and functions within the Akashics themselves apart from the Library and the areas where souls reside.  It can be very empowering to move away from self-reflection and explore the gardens and fields outside the Akashic Library.  It is peaceful and exhilarating and an adventure.  There’s no knowing you you’ll meet.

I’m always honored to work with the people who come to me for readings and I am often amazed at who they truly are.  Hopefully they will come to feel the same about themselves in time.