Very little about spirituality seems appetizing in this secular world.  Besides Evangelicals and the GOP in politics at the moment and their need to push women’s rights back to the Victorian age or prior, missionaries knocking at doors at odd hours, there are the role models who either preach abstinence but live like rock stars or who live an ascetic lifestyle outside of the mainstream disconnected from world in the main.  Rules, traditions, and requirements abound and many times relinquishing everything in the hopes of getting something, possibly, maybe, it you wait long enough…..

Some people feel a spiritual calling and follow their own path or go seeking other paths only to find their own eventually.  But these are the people that books get written about and that can laugh at the end of it all having found wisdom or at least having acquired frequent flyer miles. Rarely do these people find their spiritual journey taking them to Hoboken or Boston or Miami.  Instead they goto remote places ‘off the grid’, live entirely other than the rest of society, then eventually come back changed, but ready to re-enter society.

Is this what it really takes? Taking a tradition off the rack and trying to make it fit?  Pushing religion as ‘one size fits all’? Going to some place on the planet that is ‘exotic’ and therefore more spiritual? What about spirituality right here and now in the Secular World?  Why is the path to the numinous somehow separate from this place in this time?  Why is what we are doing right now less spiritual than what you do in Church or on high holy days?  It really isn’t.  The issue is, not where you are, but how you are in this now.  Can you find the spiritual in your choices and actions today?  This secular life is only such because we choose to ignore the spiritual.  Today is a new day for you to experience the numinous.   Enjoy.