I have met quite a few channels or mediums, if you prefer, helping people to receive direct communication from their guides, angels, teachers, ascended masters, Uncle Phil, etc, etc.  And I have met quite a few students who have worked with teachers that are attempting to spread the knowledge of how to do this out into the world.  Which is great.  But in talking with these people I run against this one thing time and again that just irritates me as much as it makes me want to laugh.  For some reason, I gently but firmly point to the Victorian Spiritualists, Madame Blavatsky, and Edgar Cayce, everyone seems to think that on the other side of the veil spirits talk in Shakespearian or King James English.  And very convoluted versions of that at best, like listening to an issue debated in the House of Lords or something.  It’s hard to track, bends back on itself, repeats but it takes you a while to figure that out, and in most cases it takes so much energy to figure out what is said, by the time you get to the message its anti-climactic and you may be too tired to care.

Why in the Universe would spiritual beings who are attempting to help us, who know us best and intimately, who are not limited to individual human physicality and our means of knowing, use an outdated form or language to try to impart things which are of vital importance to us?  Are you kidding?  Why would they waste their energy and our attention?  That’s not to say that sometimes they might not have a valid reason for doing so, but why?  I feel the same about channels who say the spirit that is talking to them is doing so in a Cockney accent or Australian, or seemingly from some European country.  Are you kidding?  They can communication in a million different ways and aren’t limited to even vocal languaging.  So, other than the theatrics of it all, why would they do that?

I think they do it in response to our consciously or unconsciously  expressed desire to have it be so.  So basically we are giving the whole process more flare and more, supposed, validity by making it seem like a séance in some B movie, but we’re making it way harder than it has to be on ourselves to receive the actual information being imparted.  Because these beings want us to be happy and to improve our lives and help us live the life we can down here to experience.  They want us to be successful.  And to do that they are willing to communicate with us to give us advice and support.  How we are able to receive that information is just as much on us as it is on them.

Again, it reminds me of the blonde joke where the blonde refused to lift a finger to help herself with anything because God was going to make her the winner of the lottery.  As she was dying she asked God why he hadn’t done so and he told her directly “Buy a lottery ticket.”  Communication is a two-way street and we are required to participate fully.  Most people feel that this means ‘be open’, ‘listen harder’, ‘be more receptive’ and for some that is true.  But it also means be proactive in creating and expressing the means why which you wish to use for communication.  You want concrete signs, get out into nature or the public so you are around interactions where signs will occur.  Then strangers can talk to you with information that is exactly what you needed, that white bear can walk across the hiking trail right in front of you, and the burning bush might just burst into flame right when you need it.  Can’t happen if you aren’t near a bush and creosote bushes are better than some. Just sayin’.

If you want to ‘hear’ from your guides and teachers, ask them to provide information in English and provide them a means of ‘speaking with you’.  That can mean listening to music stations and paying attention to what is played.  Believe it or not, music has meaning and it is played to be listened to.  Try writing down your question and then, without thinking about it, start writing the answer.  You’ll be startled with what you get.  Try meditating so that you get quiet, then ask the question and wait for an answer.  Then don’t be surprised if you get one, but it sounds like you talking to yourself in your head.  What is the easiest mechanism for them to get a message across, your voice, your thoughts, and your idioms.  Because they are what you are most familiar with.  Why startle you with apparitions or visions of divinity when a simple, “Yep, you’re on the right track” will do?

And one other thing to keep in mind, treat your guides, teachers, angels, etc, with as much respect as you do your friends, family, lovers, and significant others.  You don’t expect the most important people in your life to read your mind or get your intent from your actions. You not only think and act, but communicate.  Please show the same courtesy to the spiritual team that is helping you through this embodied life.  Relying on, ‘they know what is in my heart and what I really mean’ abdicates your responsibility to live your life.  It makes you a passive participant in the relationship and gives them the job of doing all the heavy lifting.  Why should they?  Would you?  Communicate with them in words, in writing, in symbols, in semaphore if that’s your gig.  But express yourself clearly.  In doing so you clarify your thoughts by using your mind to put them into language, you dig through your emotions to find which ones are bedrock true (in that moment) and you create your reality by manifesting them through physical structures such as oral or written language.

By doing this you’ll be amazed at the amount of interaction you get and how much it can support your life and help you to flourish.