I am often asked if the information I teach about reading Soul Books is the same as I use when doing a reading for a client.  And, you’d think I’d have a slick answer for that after all this time, but I’m still flummoxed each and every time.  It’s not that the question is a bad one, just that it points to the fact that the person is new to the entire process and the answer will require a bit more information than they expect. 

What I am currently teaching, how to read your Soul Book in the Akashics, is the very basic tools necessary for you to start the process of working with Soul Books.  Through the meditations and practices in the class you build the physical ability, the muscles if you will, to focus your attention and process the information you will receive from your book and working with the Akashics.  Is this all there is to know about your Soul Book and how to work with it?  Nope.  Will I be teaching classes that delve further into this?  Yep.  Do these skills apply to reading other people’s Soul books, yes and no.

With that said, reading for others is a completely different thing than having the skills to read a book. Reading for others requires that you have done a lot of healing of your own stuff so that you can actually hear what is being requested of you and present it in the clearest most healthy way that the client can receive, which may not be any way that you would normally present it. You have to be able to listen to their guides, teachers, peers, and soul group while at the same time answering the client’s questions and trying to facilitate clear communication between all parties. And you have to go through their book, respectfully, without bias or prejudice to see what is actually there, find what it is they are asking about from the reams of information available, and present it in a good way.

So yes, to read someone’s Soul Book you must have built up the skills and the acumen to process the information in their book and my classes will give you that.  However, having those skills won’t give you the skills or the insight you need to be of service to others.  I when it comes to Soul Books I don’t recommend the ‘practice makes perfect’ approach of just diving in and trying it. The information you are reaching for it too critical and intimate as far as your friend or family member is concerned.  I know it sounds prosaic, but I recommend volunteering for an organization that allows you to work directly with people in need.  Hospice, battered women’s shelter, boys/girls club, homeless organizations, etc, etc.  You will get a crash course on how to set your own needs, wants, and biases aside there and be in service to others both from training and from practical experience.  And that’s invaluable stuff.

And above all, do not try to read the Soul Books of your children or your significant other.  Children under the age of 18 are far more in touch with who they truly are than adults as they haven’t fully forgotten where they came from.   And if they are carrying karma it hasn’t kicked in yet and telling them about it could cause all kinds of problems for them that they don’t need.  Let their guides and teachers deal with their soul and focus on being their parent.  And remember, no matter how healed, spiritual, non-jugemental and enlightened you become, you will never have enough distance or detachment to read cleanly for anyone you love that much.  You are far too invested in the outcome of the question to even pose it correctly.  Let family and lovers be such and leave their spiritual journey to them.