When working with the Akashics people get confused about how to act or not act and what all of this means.  In this world where everything is expressed or perceived in opposites and absolutes it can be difficult to understand interconnectivity and how to participate in an experience in an interactive way.  Which is why I use the term ‘conversation’ quite often.  Because this is something where we understand that two or more participants are interacting as equals to communicate ideas and experience each other for a moment in time.  This is the model for how one can best interact with the Akashics.

For example, when working with the Akashics it is recommended that you be receptive to what occurs there as there is a great deal to learn and just take in.  The Akashics, your guides, your Soul Book, the Librarians, etc, all want what is best for you and are grateful for the opportunity to be able to work with you consciously and interactively so they will present things in a way that helps you get the most out of the experience.  However, being receptive shouldn’t mean passive. It is easy when first working with the Akashics to be amazed and a bit dazed or dazzled by everything that occurs.  Like any new experience it takes a bit to take it all in.  However, once you get the hang of things, you shouldn’t just wait for experiences to be spoon fed to you.  Ask questions, explore, inquire….reach out and interact with what is all around you.  It’s not a monologue, you’re there to have a conversation.  So ask questions and find out what it means.  All of it has meaning for you and everyone wants you to get it.  Not to say that they are going to forthright about it, sometimes you have to figure it out for yourself or experience to make sense of it.  Just like driving a car, at some point you just have to get in and start practicing because all the theory in the world won’t help you figure out how to not stall in first gear. 🙂

On the other side of things, being an active participant shouldn’t mean that you attempt to take control of the situation and make it fit your expectations or notions.  The Akashics doesn’t necessarily want to participate in your monologue either and like you, everything and everyone there has free will.  If they aren’t respected or seen as equals or treated well they will bow out or cease to appear.  It’s all about interactivity.  Be active with them, with the space, not controlling.  Ask questions, ask permission to touch or act, and listen to the response.  You will get one, although ‘listening’ can be a misnomer as the response might be in pictures, in actions, in a change of scenery, etc.  Learning requires that you both listen and act in order to acquire new skills including new ways in which to have conversations.  Open up and explore with respect and you are on your way.