I once had a friend who was bothered by a recurring dream.  The issue was pretty clear and they had been told by several people what it seemed to mean and everyone was in agreement.  And this person would nod and go “ahhhh” as if it made perfect sense, then go ahead and just keep on with what they had been doing as if nothing had been said.  And somehow the issue changed from theirs to ours in an instant.  Because since this person wasn’t going to change and they were going to have the dream again and ask us about it again, the point became ‘would we try to help again or give up knowing that it wouldn’t do any good?”  Sometimes the water doesn’t want to wear away the boulder, it just wants to go back to sea.

Recurring issues are a wake up call.  Regardless of how you got to where you are, there is something that you are doing or something you need to figure out in order to make this process stop.  Always choosing the wrong guy in your life, well, they aren’t doing the choosing, you are.  So you might want to look into the choosing process.  Probably a gold mine full of healing opportunities there.  Bad luck with money?  One problem is unlucky, two maybe a fluke, but over and over again shows there is something you need to figure out.  Philanthropy is fine when you have it to spare and your family and friends aren’t living off of it.  Investments can be risky, but even they sometimes succeed or people wouldn’t participate in them.

It is a fallacy that we are in complete control of our lives.  We’re not and if you don’t believe me, try to change the weather right now while you’re reading this.   We are interconnected with a complex and constantly changing world.  However we are a force in that world and how we think and act does influence everything around us short/middle/long-term.  So if you are having a recurring issue, even a recurring dream, take a time out and start looking at what is going on.  Look at all the parts, find the ones that you actually do control and see how they affected what happened. Once you know that you have the ability to decide on doing it differently next time and 100% better chance of succeeding than you ever did before.