5 day work weeks with two days to rest.
Play dates and school functions and work functions and friends.
Yard work and housework and home repairs and honey do’s.

Our lives are bounded by responsibilities and expectations.  What used to be fun has become just another tick mark on a long to-do list that never seems to get done. Life has become a race to get things done with no self-esteem left over and dreams withering from lack of any nourishment at all.

It’s time to listen to our bodies.  To pay attention to our own rhythms and make them the priority.  To wake up to the reality that the scientists and experts have no idea what they are talking about.  The food pyramid is a game owned by large corporations.  Fast food is just a way to get us to buy more and eat more of what our bodies don’t want.  Dieting is a punishment for a body that just did what we asked it to do.   The best health plan is to sleep when you’re tired and wake up when you’re ready.  And stop worrying about what is ‘normal’ or ‘best’.  Because you are unique as a snowflake and no one can actually know what is right for you except you.

And get the idea out of your head that ‘this is the way it’s always been and always will be.’  The only constant about any of us is that we change.  Every minute of every day we are different.  It’s the blessing of being alive.  Your body knows this and seeks growth and change the rhythms, actions and reactions, the conversation with everything around it in everything you do.  Stop trying to make it into something it’s not.  Get quiet and listen.  Your body has untapped wisdom that can make your life a precious miracle full of joy.  It’s not a car for your brain to ride in and it’s not some untamed wild beast that you can’t control.  It’s you.  Tune out of the messages from outside you and tune into the ones inside, even if they make you want to sob or rage or scream.  Because once you honor that you can start healing it.  And aren’t you worth it?