I know from experience what it is like to be held back because you want something, but you and others have told yourself that it isn’t possible. I can list chapter and verse on all the obstacles, the limitations, the time constraints, the probabilities of failure and error. It will just never happy so be practical and do something that will. Well, there’s a remedy for that type of thinking and it’s really easy to accomplish. Stop it! Stop thinking about what won’t work and start focusing on what will. Stop dwelling on the probabilities of failure and look at the possibilities of success. Usually what I find is that my logic has been flawed and isn’t logic at all. It’s emotion…well…fear to be exact…that is making all these obstacles. The facts of finance, geography, time and effort don’t change, but my perspective on whether or not I can overcome them or utilize them to achieve my goal changes dramatically based on my own thinking.

But that’s all about the known. It’s based on my knowing that I want something and having some rudimentary idea of how to get there. What if you don’t know even know what it is you want? People say ‘you always know what you truly want.’ And to a certain extent that is true. But that’s like saying you know when you’re hungry. Yep, you do. But does that mean that you know what you want to eat? Or what is available to eat? What your food options are? What would be best for you to eat? Are you fasting and therefore shouldn’t eat? You may know somewhere inside your soul what it is you want, but what if you can’t name it? What if you don’t know how to get it? Vague feelings of dissatisfaction can be just as limiting as fear of what you want. How do you reach out for something if you don’t even know you should be reaching?

When my clients come to me with this vague wanting I recommend what I call ‘sampling’. Try a little of everything you think you might like. Have you studied various healing skills, find some friends or willing relatives and start practicing them. Books and classes are a great place to start but the reality of doing will teach you exponentially more in a very short amount of time. And you won’t just learn about the skill, you’ll learn a great deal about yourself in the process. Try practicing your healing skills on animals or on plants, water, trees, fields. All of these are living things and you will be surprised by the type of feedback you get. Sit down and think about all the spiritual classes and teachings you’ve taken. Are there some you haven’t gotten to yet? Go for it. Maybe what you are looking for is in the next one. Better yet, maybe the key to how they all fit together is in the next one and you find a new direction to go in all together.

When you haven’t found what you’re looking for yet, stop looking in all the places you’ve already looked. It still won’t be there. Look in places that make no sense. Try something just for the sake of trying. Take all the pieces you have right now, throw them up in the air and look at the pattern they make when they fall back down. You might gain some inspiration. Or just walk away from it all and start something completely new. You don’t know what you don’t know and you’ll never know until you open up and see what’s out there.