Part and parcel with working in the Akashics are the topics of past lives and reincarnation.  Mostly I deal in reading those records for my clients and sometimes talking about the subjects on my blog or my emails but as I do research for my book project I run across all kinds of notations, theories, and stories about them.  Some of them I’m like :/ and some are more “Yep” but what has currently caught my attention is the fact that there is quite a bit of written documentation about cultures who incorporate reincarnation into their theology than I had known.

I knew about Hinduism and Buddhism because there is soooooo much written about it out there.  I was aware to a certain extent about the Greek philosophers, but not who and to what extent they were writing about it and discussing it.  I knew vaguely about Theosophy and the alchemists/theosophists who wrote about it, but like the Greeks, I didn’t know who and how much.  And then there are the scientists trying to disprove it, debunk it, and or find evidence of it.  To my mind science and those that live by the scientific method and base their understanding of the world on purely scientific principles are a culture so they count as their own category.

I knew that indigenous cultures such as my own and other native tribes in North America have an understanding of reincarnation, but I didn’t know that tribes in Alaska and Canada had been the subject of books and therefore there is a written record of their beliefs.  And the same can be said of Australian aborigines.  There are a bunch of books out there concerning their understanding of past lives and reincarnation.  Plus there are those I had no idea about such as the Vikings.  Or the Druse which is a form of Islam seemingly like the Essenes of Christendom.  They believe that reincarnation is part of the plan because one life is not enough for us to become what Allah has planned for each of us.  It takes many lives to come into complete harmony with Him.

I admit I’m a bit fascinated and so I’m looking forward to reading more and more on the subject and seeing where else this all leads.  I’ll be adding books to the reading list as I plow through them.  Stay tuned.