From Lynne McTaggart’s The Bond: How to Fix Your Falling-Down World.  Because if the assumptions about how DNA works, how mutations occur, how cells form and communicate, the structure of cells are all backwards or incomplete, then who are we really?

“The new discoveries beg the unsettling question:  Where exactly do ‘you’ end and the rest of the universe begin?  If you internalize change with every interaction you have with the universe – every bit of food you eat, every person you meet, every place you’ve visited – what exactly does it mean to be you?  How can you be considered autonomous?

What we regard as self is only a physical manifestation of our experience, the summation of our Bond with the universe.  Our interaction with our world is a conversation, not a monologue; just as the observer changes what he observes, that which is observed changes the observer.  And as we realize, these influences are not limited to those of our immediate environment or even to the earth itself but extend to the farthest reaches of the cosmos.”

…even to the Akashics. 🙂