It’s impossible for us to know the effects our actions have on others in our day-to-day live.  But the small things make a difference.  A crappy day can be turned around by a smile and a nice comment.  A cheerful attitude can brighten the moment or put things in perspective.  Just a little something that breaks up the routine can really help life feel better.

Last night I had a hair cut, which in and of itself is a happy occasion. What woman doesn’t feel better after getting beautified?  However, along with the beauty, the person cutting my hair was just plain fun.  Hair stylists of the non-snobby solon type are encouraged to get you talking to relieve the boredom and to get better tips.  Usually I manage to either close my eyes and ignore them or suffer through it as it’s not usually terrible, just not the type of scintillating conversation I’m used to.  However, last night the gentleman cutting my hair was funny and charming and laughed through the whole thing.

Now, I had had a mediocre day and was tired, but after that session, which to him was a moment of time on a boring night, I felt amazingly better.  I was lighter in head and heart and he did get the tip he deserved.  He was worth it.  Hopefully that helped improve the effect I had on people I met that evening and will carry through today.  Of course, I’ll never really know….