What if there is no plan?  So many clients come to me wanting to know what the meaning of something is.  Or looking for the lesson in an event or series of events that have occurred.  They are looking for the purpose, the plans they made prior to coming here, the narrative in their story and what comes next.  But that search is often about closing doors, about taking control, putting things in boxes and “making sense” of them.  It’s about being able to say “it’s not This or not That” and finding that an authority other than us, our higher selves, some ascended master, a teacher, a spirit guide, an angel, or something else is calling the shots and so we can relax because all we have to do is get the play book and follow what’s written there.

But what if the play book has only one play listed and that’s “LIVE”  ?  What if, by the time you come looking for what comes next, the next isn’t about following some grand plan but exploring all the delights life has to offer?  What if there’s not another shoe to drop?  What if all the authorities are looking to you for inspiration? What if, instead of their having a plan, they are waiting to see what you make of everything that has been put before you?  What if the plan is for you to live your life weaving it from all the experiences available and that the unique tapestry you are creating of yourself is what they’ve been waiting for all this time?

You are a piece of the magic and mystery of this world and what you do adds to the amazingness of it all.  So what’s the plan?  LOL