It’s time to feel and do.  It’s time to move and make, do and shake.  Stop thinking.  Stop thinking about the past and what it means that you did this or that or didn’t do this or that.  Stop thinking about what might be.  Stop worrying about what decision you may or may not make this time next month, next year.  You’ll make them and you’ll deal with them and you’ll become from them whether or not they are “right” or “best” or “appropriate.”

It’s time to feel.  It’s time to release the Pandora’s Box of feelings inside you that you keep hidden.  Where do you think the creativity comes from?  Where do you think passion lies?  See….all that thinking you’ve been doing about everything else and the one thing it might actually be good for, leading you into the treasure trove of you, you’ve ignored completely.  So stop.  Stop thinking.

Start feeling what it feels like to be you.  Uncensored.  Start being in the now.  Stop doing as a means to medicate your feelings.  Don’t be busy just to be busy, don’t do just because you need to be doing.  Be you.  If that means feeling things from 20 years ago that are still ripe and alive, then do it!  If that means reclaiming something you missed out on, go get it!  If it means doing something you’ve always wanted to do and have put off for someday, well someday is here.

Don’t think about it, just go do it.