In the Akashics the internal is external, what we feel and think manifests.  So the question to commit or not commit is not a question asked but an opportunity to swim across a lake or river.  If you swim, you’ve said yes.  If not, then not.  Our fears manifest as well, not as the boogey many coming to get us, but as barriers, as walls or darkness or holes or caves.  They are not things are confront us, but opportunities to move through.

Most often our fears are unfounded.  They are built of experience, of the past, but have developed from being a means of control and safety into a cage that prevents us from moving forward.  They have become “what if” scenarios where we take the possible or the expected and fashion into probably phantasms which frighten us enough to keep us from contemplating any other possibilities.

The Akashics allows us to work with our fears in a safe place.  It allows us to walk through the wall and find that it is actually made of nothing and dissipates when we arrive on the other side.  The only thing keeping it there was us.  Going into the cave allows us to explore the darkness and discover the rich inner life we have, the accretion of wisdom left by those who have gone before, to find that the darkness isn’t frightening at all, but rather warm and welcoming in familiar.   Climbing over the barrier allows us a glimpse of what is awaiting us on the other side if we will only try. Many times the worst part about our fears is the fears themselves.  Feelings by their very nature defy control.  For those afraid of what will happen without control, who think of their feelings as the great unknown, who refuse to be vulnerable and awkward and completely present, fear is the only true feeling they know with any amount of accuracy.  It’s a friend and they embrace and turn away at any barrier connected with it.  This is a safe thing to do, but it is also limiting as it keeps them from moving anywhere other than the known world and what we know of the world is miniscule compared to what is out there and what we can create.

What are your barriers?  Are you prepared to see what lies beyond them?