Is what I experience all in my head or not?


People get either confused or frustrated when I answer that way, but it’s true.  The Akashics is neither a place you go to passively receive wisdom that is going to be fed to you by some godlike figure who has plans for you nor is it an “etch a sketch” on which you put all of your thoughts and feelings and imaginings.  It is not a play you are watching nor are you giving Hamlet’s monologue.

Going to the Akashics is much the same as going to a party in someone’s home.  You don’t own nor have control over the house and yet it is (hopefully) prepared in a way that makes it inviting and has all manner of things which you can enjoy.  There are people there who you did not invent who act in ways you can’t control nor can you necessarily predict what they will do or say.  Yet this environment and these people respond to your presence.  You are able to interact with objects, hopefully there will be something to eat and drink as that’s the current custom, and the people will be willing to include you in conversation and activities that are appropriate to the party.  (I’ll let your mind go where it will on that one.

Just as in any conversation it takes a minimum of two people to have one whether they are in the same geographic location or communicating electronically over distances. Or in the same geographic location and communicating electronically which can just be silly but also eminently practical depending on the day and the circumstance.  🙂  So in the Akashics one part of the conversation is in our head.  Because communication in the Akashics is telepathic and telempathic (thought and emotion) your thoughts are heard as if you have spoken aloud.  And beings in the Akashics respond as is their responsibility since it’s a conversation.  Their response may be to alter their appearance to something that is more familiar to you or that more clearly expresses the message they are attempting to convey.  It may be to lead you to the answer you are seeking or to show you something that you overlooked.  It may be to alter the surroundings to better help you in your journey.

morpheus_and_neoUnderstanding that verbal or language communication is only one way in which communication happens can help clear up the confusion.  Because, as Morpheus points out in The Matrix, it isn’t really air you are breathing…here…in this place.  Some laws can be bent, others broken.  So don’t worry so much about whether it’s in your head.  It is, but it’s not all under your control.  Like any other really good conversation, it is the meeting of minds to share who they are, what they know or think they know, and therefore create connection.