Guides, teachers, totems and such follow the same rules as significant others and friends.  Some of them are forever and some of them are just about that moment in time, like right now, and once that moment is over, so is the relationship.  This was brought home to me rather sharply when I was working with my elders at a time that I was also in desperate need of gall bladder surgery.  My gall bladder had gasped its last, from what could be determined, long enough in the past that now it needed to come out pronto.  However the surgery had to be scheduled when it wasn’t in full blown attack and I wasn’t having to use narcotics just to maintain sanity.

Meanwhile, teaching continued during my lucid moments and my teacher ignored the fact that I appeared to be holding my breath figuratively and sometimes literally and continued with her lessons.  On that particular night it was about ‘creepy crawlers.’  In my culture each person is seen as having seven totems which include one from categories like four legged and winged and swimmer.  But we also have a ‘creepy crawler’ which is a cute English translation of a much more nuanced word for those beings who hug the ground or other objects. It’s not necessarily about bugs, but also includes reptiles and amphibians among other things.    My teacher, having the ability to know what are totems are to a great extent just by being around us, had an expectation of what I would discover during the lesson.  So when it came my time to share, she was nonplussed when I explained that mine was an alligator.

Alligator_mississippiensis_01Not only an alligator, but one of those that you see in the National Geographic specials with heads 2.5 ft wide at the jaw and enough power to tear apart farm machinery.  After asking me a few pointed questions she started to chuckle about it and then moved on.  Later she explained that it wasn’t my soul totem, but one I was working with because of the surgery.  Alligator in this aspect is about protection.  It’s the ‘mother bear’ making sure that everything went right and would no longer be needed once I healed.  Which is the truth.  Not that my actual totem is any less fearsome, but that’s another story for another day.

So when you are in the Akashics, don’t assume that the person, totem, or item you meet and work with are messages about your soul or permanent parts of your spirituality.  They may be and that’s great. But they may not.  They may be about your life right now and that’s just as important and revealing.  Be open to what you experience and don’t put expectations on it.  It’s about the process and your life is constantly unfolding in every minute, including this one.