I start my readings by scanning my clients physical body.  Which seems like a 90 degree turn from reading someone’s soul book right?  I mean, what does the soul have to do with the body?  And what does this body have to do with the life I’m meant to lead?

These questions aren’t surprising because science and the industrial revolution have led us to believe that the body is a machine with, somewhat, regenerating parts which break down, are replaceable, and are separate from the soul (if there is one, they say) the mind, and the emotions.  Which are all separate parts as well.  While I understand how these concepts came into being and I thank them for being a step in the right direction and having given us many breakthroughs that have allowed us to achieve the quality of life we now have, I still have to say ‘bull pucky’.  Because this body we’re in is not a meat-car we’re driving around in and not a meat-suit we’re wearing.

We chose to have an embodied life and an integral part of that life is…drumroll…the body.  It helps us focus on ourselves in a concentrated way we don’t have when we are at home in the Akashics.  It allows us unadulterated feelings and uncensored thoughts.  It gives us pure ‘me’ time which accelerates our learning curve the way having an independent study class does in school.  One class room, no waiting to learn exactly who we are and what we are capable of.  And so the body reports what the soul is working on, working through, struggling with, exulting in at all times.  It cooperates with the emotions to help when things get overwhelming, sets off warning signs when things are going off track or off the rails, and tries to help keep things together when the mind is off doing something other than attending to the current moment.

The body helps us focus on the now. What is important right now, what is underlying all the seemingly random things that are happening right now, why I’m feeling or reacting this way right now, and what I should be doing to resolve things right now.  Getting in touch with the body can clear up not just the nagging little things, but the bigger picture things as well.  It’s amazing how many chronic issues on every level have answers in the body just waiting for you to ‘get the message’.  Or get the massage, whichever works. Sometimes they are one and the same.

So reading the body isn’t at odds or disconnected from reading your soul book, it’s a prerequisite.  Because if you don’t know what you are working on right now, if you don’t know what you need to be healthy in this body and in this lifetime, then what does it matter what the Akashics says about your soul purpose other than for the reassurance that you have one and that there is more to your life than the mundane?  Which can be helpful, but the miraculous and magical starts right here in this life with paying attention to what you’re doing and how you’re being right now.

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